Insurance Law and Liability


We advise and represent our clients judicially and extra-judicially with regard to general insurance conditions for Liability Insurance as well as specific conditions for Liability Insurance. We offer legal advice and representation of your interests on a national basis either through our own law office or through one of our cooperating partner firms.

With respect to cases with personal injury, you will benefit from our expertise on matters related to loss of earning, compensation for pain and suffering and compensation for maintenance and housekeeping expenses.

In addition, we handle lawsuits on insurance coverage in all liability lines.

We take over the handling of all complex national and cross-border third-party claims (i.e. damages caused by contamination, railway operating accidents, construction and planning damages in construction and civil engineering). In the area of public liability, we advise and represent insurance companies in all matters related to general duty to maintain safety as well as builder’s and architect’s risk insurance. Due to our close cooperation with technical experts, we dispose of a high level of expertise in building technology and construction-specific matters.

Competence and specialization in Liability Law

Builder’s and Architect’s Risk Insurance
We represent insurers, construction companies and architects judicially and extra-judicially as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings. In this context, our services include defense against unfounded liability claims against insured construction companies, architects and special experts as well as the enforcement of damages claims in favor of companies involved in the construction project.
Due to our close cooperation with technical experts, we dispose of a high level of expertise in building technology and construction-specific matters.

General duty to maintain safety
We support industrial companies with the development of safety concepts and their implementation and with handling of testing and monitoring duties. We defend the third party liability insurer throughout Germany against unjustified claims for damages against their policyholders.

Product Liability
A further main focus of our work is the national and international Product Liability Law, especially product liability damages and product recalls in particular in the following areas:

  • Building Products
  • Food
  • Medical Products
  • Automotive
  • Chemical industry

In addition to resolving the actual legal issues we help our clients solve the most complex technical questions; we make this possible through intensive collaboration with internationally active renowned expert professional offices and technical institutes.

Liability for property damages
The clients we represent extrajudicial and before the courts in cover and liability issues are:

  • Lawyers and Notaries
  • Insurance Intermediaries
  • Property Manager
  • Associations

D & O
Main focus of our work in the area of corporate liability / D&O is defense against unfounded liability claims against managing directors, supervisory boards and executive board. In defending the company heads concerned against unjustified liability claims, we act in close consultation with the insurers involved or upon their request.

In the area of Corporate and Insolvency Law we can rely on the support from our specialized partner law firms as well as from tax advisors and auditors.

Benefit from the experience of our specialists, who will advise you i.e. on possibilities to develop a risk analysis, assist you in designing quality control concepts or hold in-house workshops to show you the best way to optimize your claims management.

Property Insurance

We represent property insurer and companies judicially and extra-judicially in the following areas:

  • Property Coverage
  • Technical Insurance (esp. wind and photovoltaic power plants, construction projects)
  • Recourse claims against the insurer

In this area, we work closely together with experts who provide comprehensive services in connection with property insurance law.

Motor vehicles / Transport / Traffic

We have many years of experience in representing insurer throughout Germany in the area of the Motor Liability Insurance, in particular:

  • Liability claims for personal injury
  • Hull loss and Coverage
  • Claim for Recourse
  • Judicial and extra-judicial representation in cases of damages abroad

We in particular advise logistics and industrial companies with regard to questions relating to Insurance Policy, Liability and Compensation Law with a particular focus on the carrier’s liability, warehousing and forwarding.

Credit Insurance / Commercial Credit Insurance

We advise insurer and companies mainly extra-judicially in matters relating to performance testing and optimization of the company’s internal processes in order to ensure the compliance with the insurance policy rules of the Commercial Credit Insurer.

Invalidity- / Disability- / Accident Insurance

With regard to Disability Insurance, we in particular advise and defend judicially national and international insurers against unjustified claims for damages, questions relating to obligations and we analyze medical assessments in cooperation with medical experts.

With regard to Accident Insurance, we represent national and international insurers in coverage proceedings and we advise in connection with the content of General Conditions of Accident Insurance (Allgemeinen Unfallversicherungs-Bedingungen – AUB).


We advise insurer and insurance intermediaries on all questions regarding the Insurance Mediation Act and we develop modern risk management concepts for intermediaries and for companies.
We advise insurance intermediaries in the area of Insurance Mediation Act and we support them in developing innovative ideas and comprehensive consulting concepts to ensure legally compliant product distribution to customers (policyholder).

Insurance Supervision

We in particular advise foreign insurers and insurance service providers in all matters in connection with outsourcing and distribution of insurance services and we prepare assessments for European insurers (i.e. the Polish Chamber of Insurance) on all questions of regulatory law especially with regard to the implementation of the Solvency II directive.